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10-SEO Basics to Get Your Brand Front and Center

Your chic, new and on-trend website has all the “it” features, from unique font-styles, visually appealing images and an enticing background, to product videos, semi-flat designs, drop-down navigation menus and bite-sized pieces of content. Now what?

Don’t let your investment go unnoticed. When you deploy search engine optimization (SEO) techniques within your website, your brand’s digital presence will rank higher in Google searches, increasing the likelihood visitors will find it. Plus, you’ll tap into expanded market reach and increased interaction among current and potential clients. Below, 10-SEO basics to get the ball rolling:

  1. Word magic. Identify a list of words you want associated with your brand or product. These words should be the ones your target audience is most likely to use when performing a Google search by hand or voice.
  2. Public appeal. For SEO to work, you have to make sure your website is public and indexable by search engines, like Google, Amazon and even YouTube (the latter two have their own algorithms).
  3. Prime real estate. Consider working key words into the title and tagline of your site. This further increases the chances people will find your site.
  4. Headline assistance. If your site includes blogs, be sure the headlines and any subheads make good use of your keywords AND topic-relevance.
  5. Think fast. Include your post’s keyword within the first 100 words, and throughout, but be careful not to overuse. Google will be onto you.
  6. URL intelligence. Each post has its own URL with a slug – an automatically generated portion of the URL and strikingly similar to the site’s title. Good news, slugs are editable.
  7. Connected content. With each additional web page, be sure to mention former pages. A good rule of thumb is to include a link every 250 words, or so.
  8. Mobile matters. Make sure your desktop website is mobile-friendly. This ensures visitors can successfully view your site on the go.
  9. Get social. Employ promotional techniques to draw current and potential customers to your site. Social media reigns supreme these days.
  10. Fresh material. With every new post, you’re granted fresh opportunities to plug in SEO content and this amounts to long-term success.

If you’ve now got SEO on the brain, let’s talk. At Focus Marketing + PR, we always offer complimentary consultations to discuss your business and ways we can help. Contact Niki Lopez, at 303-949-1876, or send an email to [email protected].

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