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3-Tips for Manageable Website Updates; Trending Redesign Features


In today’s digital era, your business’ website carries a lot of weight. It can be what makes your business tangible for a customer, sets the first impression among a potential client or makes or breaks a record-setting year. Don’t be plagued by website jitters. Here’s a few ideas to keep your website current and updates manageable:

  1. Set an intention. Identify the purpose of your website. Is it a digital-holding tank for business basics and contact information; an innovative platform, where visitors scroll through content-rich blogs and infographics; or an ecommerce site? Whatever the purpose, ensure experience sufficiency. WordPress is fast becoming the preferred website platform for digital novices and experts. In fact, the company currently powers nearly 30 percent of the web.
  2. Simplify the process. You’ve got to commit to making frequent updates to your site (psst…you can even recycle previously used content). Rule of thumb is two make updates monthly. The updates don’t have to be all-or-nothing; they just need to be noticeable. Post a video, publish a new blog, feature a product, link a podcast. Leverage tools to help you make this all happen. Use web-based tools to track content ideas, create a template…if all else fails, outsource your changes to a digital marketing company.
  3. Make it a habit. Eliminate any angst associated with monthly website updates by simply doing the work. Use your calendar to schedule a standing meeting with self (or whomever) and commit to making the task a reality.

Monthly content refreshes go a long way, but they won’t keep your website in the game for the long haul. To keep up with trends, consumer preferences and the marketplace, your website will need an overhaul or redesign every two-years to keep it relevant and at the forefront of the crowd. Current trending redesigns elements include unique and large font-styles, visually appealing large images, enticing background and product videos, semi-flat designs, drop-down navigation menus and bite-sized pieces of content with corresponding images.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is your website. For more information about website must-haves and trending redesign elements, contact Focus Marketing & PR’s Founder, Niki Lopez, at 303-949-1876, or send an email to

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