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5 Tips to Crush 2022, Prepare for 2023

95. That’s how many days until the start of 2023. If you’re a business-owner or heavily involved in business operations, you know what this means – it’s time to shift into high-gear and accelerate your Q4 activities to end the year in victory. And to ignite your stamina for the days ahead, we’re sharing a few tips to motivate and inspire.

Driving Q4 Success

  1. Network. Get out and meet new people, or reconnect with old contacts. Make a goal to do at least one networking activity per month. Mingling suggestions: Lunches with people in your industry, professional coffee dates and community events.
  2. Website Review. Relevant information is key. Review your site’s content to ensure current services and keywords are visible. You don’t need to do a full-revamp, but do consider a refresh. Rejuvenating possibilities: Color palette shifts, image resizing and savvy wordsmithing.
  3. Year-End Incentive. Consider offering customers/clients an attractive carrot to close out the year. Offer-types vary by industry. Enticing approaches: Service discounts, free consultations and buy-one-get-one deals.
  4. Holiday Mania. Once November hits, it’s tempting to slide into autopilot. Avoid the temptation and commit to making the most of business between Thanksgiving and December holidays. Festive resolutions: Commit to constructing and using to-do lists to organize priorities, maintain your marketing efforts and embrace the meaning of the holiday season (Pro Tip: Don’t be a Scrooge).
  5. Digital Marketing. This one’s easy. Leverage Focus to help you set up social media, blogs and Google AdWord campaigns.

When you follow these five tips for accelerating Q4 business activities, you coast into 2023 with boosted sales and increased visibility. If you get stuck, or need a little assistance, reach out to Niki Lopez at 303-949-1876, or email [email protected].

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