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A Celebratory Month in Honor of Women Everywhere

A month of bountiful celebrations – National Women’s History Month, National Be Heard Day, International Women’s Day, and National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day, to name a few. Each observation is blanketed with promises of care, compassion and feminine power.

Coincidence or not, this month also marks the headline-worthy announcement by LinkedIn to allow users the opportunity to digitally explain resume gaps, often brought upon by parenting responsibilities, bereavement, layoffs, career transitions and more. The newly minted addition also affords users a chance to highlight skills gained during times of non-traditional work. At Focus Marketing & PR, we, like many of you, are all too familiar with resume gaps.

But this year, more than ever, every day women, who are professionals or not, are reimaging what it means to be superwoman. We are authentic and genuine, duty-oriented, incredibly responsible, and love with our whole hearts. We also carry with us feelings of inadequacy, guilt and defeat.

So, as March comes to a close, let’s normalize what it means to be a woman. We work hard and play hard, too. We have the mental wherewithal to manage our emotions, thoughts and behaviors, and to seek help when and where it’s needed. Here’s to Every Day Women, the ones who came before us, the young ones by our sides, and those we have yet to meet.

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