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A New Year. A New Social Media Strategy.

We have officially entered into a new year and we are here to assure you that social media appears to be here to stay. (At least for now.) With that said, we thought it would be helpful to outline our top 4 tips for running successful social media campaigns in 2014. Whether you are looking to start your social media efforts from scratch or you want to improve what you are currently doing, this list should help everyone!

  1. Know Your Customer – It is very important to understand your customer in everything that you do for your business. They should be the center of your world. When it comes to social media, this concept is no different. If your customers are active on social media, you should be, too. If they aren’t on social media at all, don’t waste your time. Social media is not a quick fix for your businesses difficulties and shouldn’t be used if it can’t be a tool to communicate effectively with your customers.
  2. Be A Good Poster – It is essential that if you are going to use social media as part of your overall marketing and communications efforts that you have to be committed to your cause. Make sure that you are putting up quality posts on a regular basis. For us quality posts are short, entice engagement, relevant, have a good balance between promotion and education and are personable. We recommend posting twice a week as a baseline.
  3. Don’t Focus On Numbers – For some business owners the idea is always to get as many social media followers as possible. They will get anyone and everyone to follow them just to boost their numbers. We speak from experience when we tell you that it isn’t about the numbers. It doesn’t matter how many people are following you on Facebook and Twitter if nobody interacts with you. We will take a handful of active followers over hundreds of passive followers any day.
  4. Have Fun! – Let’s face it. Social media can be very fun and you should enjoy it. Play around with different types of posts and promotions and use a conversational voice when you put up your posts. You might be surprised at how your “silly” posts can create the most dialogue from your followers. We have certainly noticed that.

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