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Acknowledging Parents of Every Kind Around the World and at Home

Parenting is no easy task. That’s why this month, we’re pressing pause for a milli-second to join The United Nations in celebrating parents around the world for their “selfless commitment to children and their lifelong sacrifice toward nurturing this relationship.”

Celebrated on June 1, Global Day of Parents was established in 2012 as an annual tribute meant to appreciate parents throughout the world. Parents and families play a critical role in rearing and protecting the world’s children, and environments stitched together with happiness, love and understanding are essential to the thoughtful development of children everywhere.

So, whether you’re a biological parent, step or grand, and your family unit includes a single parent or extended line-up, the time and effort you put into your child(ren) each and every day holds a world of appreciation. At Focus Marketing & PR, we understand the monumental feat before us, that’s why we’re committed to providing our team with family-friendly professional practices, including those that make room for successful child-rearing. How about a round of applause for the world-wide tribe of parents!

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