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Be Consistent. Consistently.

Something that keeps coming up in our conversations lately is the idea of consistency. Now, you hear a lot of about how it is important to be consistent with your business and it is important to be consistent with your communications. Well, we are going to tell you the same thing but today we are going to pass along a few things for you small business owners to keep in mind!

  • First, if you are using certain keywords in your search efforts, make sure that those keywords tie to your website. In other words, if you are trying to get people to click on dog grooming, make sure that your website has information about dog grooming! Don’t trick your potential customers into coming to your site – they won’t ever come back.
  • The same idea goes in reverse as well. If you have content on your website that you want people to see, make sure that you are putting the effort into getting people to click on it.
  • If are thinking about changing the focus of your business or perhaps just the way that you are communicating the product and services on your site, make sure that you have patience as you update your keywords. These things can take time and you won’t see a dramatic change right away.
  • The same idea goes for your blog. If you are blogging about babysitting services but you are talking about dog walking on your site that isn’t going to work. You see, Google is smarter than that. Everything has to jive! You need to make sure that the keywords that you are using on your Google account is working with the words on your site which are working with the words on your blog. It seems pretty simple but don’t forget to do it!
  • And probably the most important thing about leveraging the internet for your communications is producing quality content. You see, it isn’t just enough to repeat the same phrases over and over again throughout your site, blog and social media. (Again, Google is smarter than that.) You need to be publishing good content.
  • P.S. You also need to publish NEW CONTENT every so often to keep things fresh. Google doesn’t care for stale websites.
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