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Book Trust: New Pro Bono Client

Book Trust: New Pro Bono Client

Books and kids are two of our very favorite things in the world. When we can combine the two, nothing makes us happier. This is why we are so pleased to announce that we will be managing the Google AdGrants account for BookTrust on a pro bono basis. BookTrust

Book Trust is a Denver-based, national literacy nonprofit that provides books to children in low-income areas. The genius of Book Trust lies in the fact that it empowers children to choose new books they want to read every month of the school year. This empowers children and greatly increases the likelihood that they will read the books they receive. The benefits of this approach can be seen in the results: the percentage of students reading at grade level jumps an astonishing 28% (from 31% to 59%) once they spend a year in the BookTrust program.

This year, BookTrust will deliver 1.2 million books to 50,000 kids in 19 states. As impressive as those numbers are, BookTrust wants to make an even greater impact. We are excited to contribute to that growth by expanding their reach through Google AdGrants, which provides money towards AdWords for qualifying non-profits.

Since BookTrust is funded entirely through generous donations, we also encourage you to make a small contribution to this very worthwhile cause.

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