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Bring a Little Social Media To Your PR Efforts

This month we are talking about PR on our blog. Last week we outlined a couple of our top tips for success when it comes to pitching a story to the media. For this week we are going to touch on something that we talked about awhile back but it is worth bringing up again.

You see, in today’s world of high-speed marketing and communications, you might be surprised to find out how certain things that on the surface don’t seem to have anything in common can actually be put together to create some synergies.  Enter social media and PR. I know, it might seem to be a stretch but we have found that by combining social media and public relations our clients have had more success in getting media to run their stories.

You see, when you are about to pitch a story to the media you can create some buzz and anticipation by promoting your story on social media. And the more vague the better! Create a little teaser that you can use to push out on any of your social media channels so that when your press release goes out it has a bigger bang!

Don’t forget that if you don’t have a large reach with your social media channels that this may not help you that much. You will need to spend some time boosting up your social media followers before you try to pitch your story. However, keep in mind that when you hire a PR agency to send out your press releases that you can tap into all of their social media channels as well. This will extend the reach of your promotions and increase the likelihood of success. (Hint, hint.)

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