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When & Why Do Clients Mix In Traditional Marketing?

When & Why Do Clients Mix in Traditional Marketing?

So is digital marketing the end-all, be-all? Is there still a place for radio, print and direct mail? This is a complicated question that is posed by our clients at different times, and the answer is just as complex as the question. In this blog post, we will break down when it is appropriate to mix in each medium, and how we help our clients determine the right time to mix it in.

  • Radio: Radio is generally the first recommendation we make to clients once we feel we have established a good digital plan for them. Generally speaking, clients who are looking to brand, create awareness, and take themselves to the next level (whatever that looks like for them!), find radio to be successful. If you are going to spend money on radio, you should know your demographic well, and also be willing to spend enough to have a good frequency on spots. In addition, keep in mind that most clients who hear your name enough on the radio are still likely to check out your website and social media prior to contacting you, so a strong web presence is imperative before you spend on this traditional medium.
  • Print: As a general rule, unless a client has a very specific audience, we don’t recommend print any longer. It is very costly, and it is difficult to see a good return on investment on large print ads. One exception to this is if your demographic lies in a very specific neighborhood – we can see success with a targeted neighborhood paper as long as you are willing to spend enough to get several months’ worth of ads. For example, if you are a contractor targeting a specific neighborhood, success can be found with a good number of ads that create awareness of your name within that neighborhood. We recommend speaking with a consultant before spending this money, and again, you must have a solid web presence because consumers are likely to check out your services before actually calling or emailing.
  • Direct Mail: Direct mail is tricky. We often don’t recommend it to clients for several reasons. It is very costly, and the response rate is typically 1-2%, making it very difficult to see a return on investment. It is also difficult to be “heard” over the noise of the other pieces, and to truly stand out from competitors. We see very few exceptions to this rule, although we occasionally recommend it if we feel it is a good fit.

The main things to remember with any traditional marketing are to spend wisely, consult with a marketing strategist before you commit to a spend of any size, and to make sure your online presence is very solid before investing in any traditional marketing. Nine times out of ten, a consumer is going to look at your website before they reach out to you directly, and it is important to look active and legitimate online in order to win consumer confidence. If you have questions regarding traditional marketing, Niki is always happy to sit down with you and give recommendations based on your specific situation. Please give her a call at 303.949.1876 or email her directly at today.

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