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Facebook Home. Details Inside.

Recently we have noticed ads popping up on TV and on Facebook about something called Facebook Home. While the ads are doing a good job of peaking interest, they aren’t really explaining what Facebook Home is all about. So, we did some research.

Facebook Home is sort of like an app or program that you use on your phone. Facebook Home launched officially on April 12th and is currently available on Android phones. If you have an existing Android phone that you would like to add Facebook Home to you can do that now. However, also starting on April 12th AT&T will offer an Adroid (the HTC First) with Facebook Home already installed on it.

So, what does Facebook Home really do? Well, Facebook boasts that “Home is a whole new experience for your phone. It’s software that turns your Android phone into a great, living, social phone.” The program has three main features: Cover Feed, Chat Head and Notifications. The Cover Feed part of the program will actually transform your home screen (or locked screen) into a view of your social world – a quick way to get caught up on what is going on. Chat head is a texting feature that claims to be better than what we are normally used to because you can run apps while you are texting, move your text screens around, etc. With Facebook Home you are better able to handle your notifications. The messages that are either more relevant or perhaps directly specifically at you will come to you first.

So, really Facebook Home is “a family of apps” or simply another way to organize and digest your social media world. Great for those who are “addicted” to Facebook and like keeping in touch with lots of friends.

The next phase for Facebook Home is tablets. According to details posted about an interview with top Facebook reps, Facebook Home will soon be available for use on Android tablets but it isn’t quite ready yet. As far as Facebook Home becoming available for other phones (like iPhones) it doesn’t sound very likely according to the same article. Facebook Home will also soon be made available internationally.

We will be very interested to see how this venture goes. Facebook must certainly be doing all of this with the hopes that they can make more advertising dollars than they currently do with their regular site.

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