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Focus 5: How to be Successful with Online Marketing

It’s been a while since we dropped a Focus 5 on you, but this is an important one.
We’re sharing tips and tricks to really get your online marketing on lock.

1.) AdWords – Use Google AdWords or consider using AdWords Express if it makes sense for your business. (AdWords Express is a tool we recommend for businesses that are focused on targeting locally.) If your business is online, and your customers are across the globe, AdWords will help people find your goods and services. With people using their mobile devices almost exclusively, AdWords can help you capture leads!

2.) Google My Business – Don’t forget to set up your Google My Business page. This free service is easy to do and helps Google to recognize your business and categorize it as legitimate.

3.) Social Media – Social Media is king and can really help your business. The more visibility you have, the more Google is acquainted with you and your content – which means you’ll be easier to find via search results for your products or services. Keep in mind, only use social media platforms that make sense for your customer base. Your mom isn’t on SnapChat, but Millenials are!

4.) Website – You have to have a GOOD website. The days of having a slapped together website are bygone. We recommend working with an experienced web designer to build out a user-friendly  (and most importantly, a Google friendly) site that people can find. We are firm believers that even if you are doing SEM (Google AdWords) that you also need to do SEO in order to beat out your competition for key ranking spots. This means making sure you are updating your site regularly with fresh blog posts and good photos. We like WordPress for its flexible platform and user-friendly interface.

5.) Email Marketing – Keep in touch with your customer base and prospects with email marketing. There are free email products that make staying connected easy. We suggest being consistent about sending out at least two emails each month. And we know it’s tough to find the time to upload new email contacts but make sure you do it. Building your community makes a huge difference.

Make the most of these last weeks of summer 2017!

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