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Marketing Denver Focus 5 Amping Up Your 4th Quarter

Focus 5: Tips for Amping Up Your 4th Quarter

Focus 5
1. The Focus 5: Tips for Generating Revenue
2. The Focus 5: Building a Successful PR Campaign
3. The Focus 5: How to Do Email Marketing the Right Way
4. Focus 5: Tips for Amping Up Your 4th Quarter

It’s fall, and you know what that means…

…pumpkin spice lattes!

Just kidding. What it really means is that you should be thinking seriously about amping up your 4th quarter. This month’s Focus 5 narrows in on how you can boost your sales and visibility through the end of the year. So get cracking (and sure, you can do it with a PSL in your hand).

The Focus 5: Amping Up Your 4th Quarter

  1. Get out and network! Do whatever feels most comfortable to you–lunches with people in your industry, coffee meetups, events in the local community–but make sure you are getting out and meeting new people or reconnecting with old contacts. Make a goal to do at least one networking activity per month.Marketing Denver Focus 5 Amping Up Your 4th Quarter
  2. Review your website. Is your website content updated with your current services and keywords? You don’t need to do a full revamp (which we know seems intimidating) but definitely make sure that all relevant information is on there.
  3. Consider an end-of-year offer. Many companies offer great incentives at the end of the year. The type of offer obviously depends on the business, but this tip definitely doesn’t apply only to retail. Discounts on services, etc. are great this time of year since there are so many other expenses that people have to worry about.
  4. Don’t let up just because of the holidays. We know–once Thanksgiving hits, it’s tempting to write off the rest of the year, but there are actually almost 5 weeks of business between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Try to keep your marketing efforts up during this time, and you will have a leg up on competitors who give in to the temptation to slack off.
  5. Improve your digital marketing. This one’s easy, because you can just ask us to help you set up social media, blogs, and AdWords campaigns 😉

If you follow these 5 tips on amping up your 4th quarter, you’ll be coasting into 2017 with a smile.

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