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Food (Large Burritos) For Thought.

There is a saying that “any press is good press”. The thinking behind this statement, of course, is that as long as people are talking about you (or your business) things are good. Things only get bad when nobody talks about you or even worse, knows who you are.

This is an interesting concept especially in today’s very intense marketing and social media world. Does it still hold true? And do we agree with it?

Well, the reason that we started thinking about this idea at all was because we came across an interesting article in the Denver Post about what burrito connoisseur Chipotle did recently to stir up the pot and get themselves some notice in the media.

In a nutshell Chipotle created a comedy series to be aired on Hulu that negatively target Colorado ranchers. For those who know Chipotle, the company is always focused on using locally-grown, organic (when possible) ingredients for their meals. They very loudly proclaimed their disdain for GMO’s and those who grow them, use them, etc. So, of course Chipotle made a lot of people angry with their movies.

Now there is quite a buzz in the media world about this series. So, is the buzz good? Should Chipotle have made the series knowing that a lot of people would be angered? We have some mixed feelings about it. On the one hand the videos were focused on some of the core values of the company and Chipotle’s overall brand so that is an admirable thing. On the other hand they probably could have done something else a bit more mainstream and gotten some media attention. But, if that would have been the case, we certainly wouldn’t be talking about them today. Just food (burritos more precisely) for thought today.

Here is the link to learn more about Chipotle’s video series and the local response.

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