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Google AdWords Promo: Last Chance for $100 Credit!

Pssst! Hey! Do you want $100? Google AdWords promo

Wait, why are we even asking? Who doesn’t have some wish-list in the back of their head for what they would do with a little cash windfall. Shoes, a fancy dinner, some tech gadget–it’s always nice to feel like you can make a guilt-free purchase. And if you sign up with one of Focus’s service packages by the end of September (that’s right! Just a few days left!), you can use the $100 you get from our Google AdWords promo to buy something nice for yourself (or for someone else, of course).

Check out complete details on the Google AdWords promo here, and give Niki a call this week to discuss package options. You can reach her at 303.949.1876 or

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