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Google My Business: Another Great Tool from Google

Last week, we discussed AdWords and AdWords Express–two great online marketing tools that can help bring in new customers. Another great option (and a free one, at that!) is Google My Business. This is basically like generic Yellow Pages ad, in digital form. The ad provides the basics of your business–name, hours, contact information, logo, etc. You might have seen these pop up when you have Googled businesses in the past (and found them super helpful!).

Google My Business Advantages

Beyond giving your potential customers valuable information about where you are located and what your hours are, having a Google My Business page also establishes your business as legitimate. Google verifies that each business in its network is the real deal, so having this backing from Google helps consumers have confidence in your business. It also makes you more likely to appear in Google searches. Google My Business

Having a Google My Business page also allows you to receive Google Reviews from customers. If your reviews are positive, those will obviously do a lot for you in terms of encouraging new customers to try you out. But even bad reviews can be helpful! The more reviews you have (both good and bad), the more searchable you are. So definitely encourage your existing customers to leave reviews whenever possible.

If you have questions about how to set up Google My Business, we would be happy to chat. Contact Niki at today to set up a free consultation.

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