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Google Search Vs. Artificial Intelligence

Google Search vs. Artificial Intelligence

Every now and then, we find an interesting article about industry trends and/or changes said to be on the horizons. When this happens, we like to cast our educational net far and wide, so you’re equally informed.

Most recently, a piece on the possible demise of the beloved Google Search function, left us pondering. A life without Google Search? How could it be? According to some in the tech world, it may happen sooner than you think, especially as artificial intelligence continues to rein supreme.

You likely already know about artificial intelligence – it’s an online browser’s capability to predict what you’re looking for in that exact moment. You start typing “am” in a search box and with no additional effort made by you, Amazon pops up as an option. Pretty neat, huh? It saves you time, while sparing you the need to type the remaining letters of the ecommerce company’s title. But, did you really set out to search for Amazon? Here in lies the rub with artificial intelligence. While a lot of our online activity can be accurately predicted, it’s not always a perfect match.

We believe people are generally more intelligent than artificial intelligence, and sometimes random search topics strike our fancy (maybe you actually intended to perform an online search for ‘ambulance’ or American-made furniture).’ When this occurs, its crystal-clear the vast majority of us would prefer to have a search function at our fingertips to obtain our sought-after information, rather than a computer or device attempting mindreading feats of strength.

For now, Google Search is still the best way to find customers online; and in our opinion, what you need to do to get new business. As a Google Partner we’ve found ourselves as close to the action as possible. We’ll continue to keep a pulse on this topic to keep our clients in the loop! In the meantime, give us a call today to discuss your marketing and PR needs as they relate to Google Search and beyond; we always offer free consultations. Contact Niki Lopez at 303-949-1876 or email

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