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Harnessing The Sun With Web-based Marketing Collateral

Harnessing the Sun with Web-based Marketing Collateral

How do you shine light on large scale, multi-location projects? You bring them to life via the Internet, through pictures and supporting detail. As many of our clients know, website creation and renovation are valuable instruments inside the illusory marketing toolkit.

Take our client, Sun Solar, LLC, for example. Experts in the installation of large-scale solar projects across the U.S., Sun Solar, LLC called upon Focus Marketing + PR for the creation of a website. The site needed to visually showcase the reach and scope of the company’s work, while raising awareness of solar farm construction. Once complete, the website became treasured collateral luminating Sun Solar, LLC’s proficiency and craftsmanship, especially when demoed at a recent solar power industry tradeshow. The result? The company secured nearly six months of solar project work from the tradeshow alone.

Focus Marketing + PR offers a variety of comprehensive packages to help businesses find new clients and keep current ones engaged and active. We also help our clients to construct new websites, or overhaul existing ones, to make their online presence more efficient and user-friendly. If your company or brand needs a website or facelift for a current site, contact Niki Lopez at 303-949-1876 or email

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