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Keyword Research for Blogging: How to Generate the Best Blog Topics

As promised, here is a great tip for generating blog topics that are guaranteed to interest your readers and drive traffic to your site.  Are you ready? Start doing keyword research for blogging, taking advantage of the keyword research feature of Google Ad Words.  This was a total “ah-ha!” moment for us over at Focus.  While you always want to write about your own personal stories and interests, doing a little keyword research can help you balance these topics with topics that people are actually going online to learn about.

Balancing Keyword Research for Blogging with Personal Interests

Balance is definitely a key component of using keyword research for blogging purposes. You never want to sound artificial, and you obviously don’t want to bite off a topic that you actually know little about. But keyword research can help you tailor your blogging efforts in a very organic way.  Say you are writing (as we just did last week), about the importance of adding photos to your blog posts. The initial headline for that post was going to be “Adding Photos to Blog Posts.” But a quick keyword search revealed that a much more common search term is actually “Adding Images to Blog Posts,” which is a very easy adjustment. So we still got to talk about exactly what we planned to talk about, but we made the topic more search-engine friendly.

When you are an expert in your field, sometimes it’s easy to forget what someone outside of the field might be interested in. So using keyword research for blogging in order to write specifically about those topics that come up in the Ad Words tool is a great way to inform yourself of what a lay person might be wondering and share your expertise accordingly.

Blogging for business is different than blogging for personal reasons, so it is good to keep in mind that in order to bring people to your website, you really want to focus primarily on THEIR interests, not yours! We think this little tip about using keyword research for blogging is a genius way to figure out how those interests might diverge or align.

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