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At Focus Marketing + PR, we help our clients achieve their goals through a variety of marketing and PR strategies, but we have experienced some of our greatest successes by using internet marketing. Our blog focuses on how small-to-medium sized businesses can use internet marketing. We hope that you find our topics and discussions helpful. If there are any specific topics that you are dying to know more about, we would love to hear from you!

Getting Your Press Release Out. And Noticed.

So, you have followed our best practices guide on how to write a great press release. You have written your press…

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Snapping Photos With Instagram: Good For Your Business?

Now that we have covered many of the various social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, don’t think we forgot about Instagram. In…

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Ready, Set, Blog!

Well, as silly as it may sound, this blog is all about blogging. Yes, we are blogging with tips on how…

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SEO & Blogging Strategies: They Really Aren’t So Different

Last week we posted some information about how to best align your SEO and social media efforts. We didn't talk about how that…

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SEO & Social Media – Bringing Two Strategies Together

A topic that seems to be talked about around the water cooler these days is the idea of integrating search efforts…

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LinkedIn Premium: Worth the Money?

At Focus Marketing & PR we often get questions from our clients about using LinkedIn and recently we have been talking…

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Email Platforms: Our Top Three Picks

If you are looking to purchase an email platform or make a change from the one you are currently using, you…

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Best Practices: Sending Out a Great Email

Alright, so you have your email campaign all set to go. You have made sure that your content is simple, your…

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Best Practices: Building a Better Email

Nowadays businesses use email communications more than ever and we think that emails and e-newsletters are fantastic – they are low-cost,…

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