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At Focus Marketing + PR, we help our clients achieve their goals through a variety of marketing and PR strategies, but we have experienced some of our greatest successes by using internet marketing. Our blog focuses on how small-to-medium sized businesses can use internet marketing. We hope that you find our topics and discussions helpful. If there are any specific topics that you are dying to know more about, we would love to hear from you!

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To Blog or Not to Blog

Blogging. Does it really make or break a business? In a world laced with online marketing and social media, you have…

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Focus 5: How to Manage Summer with a Small Business

If you’re a small business owner, you’re likely already acquainted with summertime temptations – from baseball games and BBQs, to festivals…

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Turning Heads with Fleur Salon, Growing Client List

Focus Marketing & PR is turning heads this month as we add the en vogue Denver-based Fleur Salon to our ever-growing…

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Mountain Side Gear Rental Elevates Focus Marketing + PR’s Client Roster

We’re moving mountains as we continue to add new clients to the Focus Marketing + PR client roster. Summiting the lineup…

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The Power of a Referral

Lead generation. It’s what makes the business world go around. And it takes many forms. There’s the tried and true method…

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Contrasting Brands Look to Focus for Marketing, PR Wisdom

You guys! We’re beside ourselves as we announce two additional organizations freshly added to the Focus Marketing + PR client roster.…

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Gratitude is Everywhere This Holiday Season

Gratitude. Thanks. Appreciation. An important trio as we embrace this holiday season. As a small, family-owned and operated business, Focus Marketing…

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Spicing up Our Client Roster with Johnson Chili

Focus Marketing + PR is coming in hot! We’ve just added Johnson Chili to our lineup of clients, and our mouths…

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Harnessing the Sun with Web-based Marketing Collateral

How do you shine light on large scale, multi-location projects? You bring them to life via the Internet, through pictures and…

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Google Search vs. Artificial Intelligence

Every now and then, we find an interesting article about industry trends and/or changes said to be on the horizons. When…

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Focus Marketing + PR Attends Boys Hope Girls Hope 2017 Success Starts with Hope Breakfast

A solid education is priceless. In fact, if it weren’t for our years in school, academic experiences and knowledge gained from…

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Book Trust: New Pro Bono Client

Books and kids are two of our very favorite things in the world. When we can combine the two, nothing makes…

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