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What Does It Mean to Be “Mobile Friendly”?

Have you heard people talking about “mobile friendly” web sites or “responsive web design” but had no real idea what they were talking about? Or what that means for you as a business owner? Here’s a quick guide to what it means to be mobile friendly and why you should make it an immediate priority for your website.

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Why Is Being Mobile Friendly So Important?

Mobile devices have become part of our everyday lives–we do everything from order dinner to manage our bank accounts on these little computers. But their small screen size and lack of keyboard mean that we interact with them in an entirely different way than we do with our laptops or desktops. This is where mobile friendly, or responsive, web design comes into play.

Mobile friendly websites are easy to interact with on a mobile device. Print has to be big enough to read, tasks need to be simplified, and links need to be clearly visible. As a business owner, you want to assume that many of your customers are accessing your website and email communications (including newsletters, etc.) on their phones and tablets, which means all of it needs to look great on mobile.

When you hear “responsive web design” this simply means that you can use one url, but that the appearance of the page will adjust based on whether the user is viewing it from a computer, tablet, or phone. So responsive web pages are mobile friendly, and they save you from having to have a separate site for computers and mobile devices.

Most email and website platforms–like MailChimp and WordPress–have made serious strides in giving their customers mobile friendly features. But it’s still a good idea to work with a website guru who can help make tweaks or the continuous updates to your theme that are needed to ensure that your site looks great on an iPhone or other mobile device.

Google provides a quick test of whether your site is mobile friendly or not here. If your site doesn’t score well on the test, we would be happy to talk to you about your options for redesigning the site to be fully responsive and mobile friendly. Contact Niki at to learn more.

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