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Public Relation Campaign Shines Light on Proactive School Safety

School safety. It’s a terrifying topic on the minds of so many people today. Not just parents, but students, teachers and education professionals, alike. We live in a world where school violence is as real as recess and show and tell. So, when Metro Area Pinnacle Charter School approached Focus Marketing + PR to deploy its marketing and public relations skills to create awareness of the school’s active shooter training, we knew it was a civic duty to do so.

More than 20 school shootings have occurred this year. Knowing how to respond during an active shooting situation at school is fast becoming a proactive, life-saving skill. In September, students, faculty and staff at Pinnacle Charter School got a first-hand opportunity to experience these skills, when the school initiated an active shooter situation. Placing heightened emphasis on school safety, Pinnacle leadership believes students and educators there are now safer because of this simulated training.

I have been lucky enough to work with Niki and her team at Focus for the past three years. From media training, public relations, communication support to strategy advice, they really do it all. – Josh Cochran, Pinnacle Charter School Chief Academic Officer

Focus’ public relations campaign and on the ground logistics during Pinnacle’s training garnered notable media coverage from more than 10 local, national and even international outlets, including The Denver Post, Business Insider, Reuters and UK Daily Mail. During the campaign, a negative topic was shown through the lens of empathy, empowerment and support depicting how a community can persevere when we are all prepared.

To enlist Focus Marketing + PR’s expertise and expanded rolodex of noteworthy media outlets, contact Focus Marketing + PR’s Founder, Niki Lopez, at 303-949-1876 or

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