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Q1 Procrastination is Undone with Mingling and Time Away

This month, many businesses, large and small, kick off the second-quarter of their financial calendar. If a post-holiday hangover left you missing out on vital planning sessions during Q1, there’s nothing like the present to make up for lost time and procrastinated actions. At Focus Marketing & PR, we’ve got an idea or two on just what needs to be done April through June to achieve year-end success. We’re sharing that knowledge in this installment of our marketing blog.

Create a plan. Cue note-taking practices learned long ago and get to work identifying a handful of goals or areas of focus for the quarter ahead. Each goal or focus needs pairing with tactics for achieving accomplishment, as well as milestones, owners of accountability and deadlines for achievement. Elaborate plans aren’t necessary; ones that are short and sweet make it easier for everyone to get onboard.

Prep for taxes. Perhaps the ship has already set sail for this year’s tax deadline, but for future filings, there’s no greater gift than now to begin organizing important financial documents, such as profit and loss statements, balance sheets, expenses and more. The IRS has the specifics.

Offload Marketing and PR. Maximize efficiency and drive-up business success by leaving market research, advertising, communication, segmentation and strategy to the professionals. With Focus, we’ll support the goals and initiatives of your brand through a dedicated partnership with members of our highly experienced team; plus, we’ve got deep connections with treasured local and national media contacts.

Mingle a little. Make a point to get in front of more people to expand your business network. Mingling is as simple as updating your LinkedIn profile, or as complex as taking the podium at a small industry-specific engagement. If the latter has you squirming a bit, Focus can help with speaker training. By the time your event rolls around, you’ll be speaking with the best of them, while elevating awareness of your business, and personal brand, too.

Time for a break. Being a small-business owner is no easy feat and taking time off is next to impossible. But as it turns out (we know from experience), a break could be the best thing for your business. Time away – an afternoon, a long weekend, or (gasp!) even a week – gives perspective and renews energy, which you’ll need to tackle Q3 and its initiatives.

Make speaker training and the offload of marketing and PR ventures reality by contacting Focus at, or by dialing 303-949-1876. We always offer complimentary consultations.

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