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Sensible Heating & Cooling Giving Away New Furnace

Our friends at Sensible Heating & Cooling are starting a new trend this holiday season – they are kicking-off their 1st annual holiday furnace giveaway program! They are going to be giving away a brand-new furnace at no-cost to a needy family. They are also going to include the installation as part of the promotion.  To keep the heating bills as low as possible for the recipient, the furnace will be energy efficient.

In order to get things rolling, we are spreading the word to get nominations. People can either submit themselves or nominate another family for this giveaway. If interested, please send along a paragraph (less than 150 words, please) explaining why you (or the other family) deserve a new furnace this year. Please email this to the owner of Sensible Heating & Cooling, Dan Schmied at by December 18th. (Please make sure that the submission for this giveaway is for a Denver family.)

As a small business in Denver we are always thrilled to hear about other companies giving back to our community. And we love that one of our favorite clients is doing something so great! We are honored to be promoting this giveaway and look forward to many years of this new holiday tradition.

If you have any questions about this promotion, feel free to email us at

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