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With Social Media, It’s Best To Narrow Your Focus

With Social Media, It’s Best to Narrow Your Focus

Social Media can be tough terrain to navigate. There’s a lot of different directions to go in, but that doesn’t mean you have to explore it all. Sometimes narrowing your focus and selecting the methods that best fit with your business and its mission allow for a more consistent means of storytelling.

Recently, there was a really phenomenal article in the Denver Post that addressed this exact issue. It’s not so much about trying to do it all, but rather to create a smart strategy for selecting what will be most impactful for your community.

We’re big fans of Instagram and Pinterest for our clients who are focused on retail and other types of visually playful products. Facebook can be reliable and consistent for a lot of businesses while YouTube or LinkedIn might skew to a different audience altogether.

No matter what method you decide on, remember that all social media activity is good for Google rankings. Updating your social media might not make you money (sales), but it will help your search rankings which can make a huge difference for a small business.

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