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Taking Nature’s Lead: How to Become Your Brand’s Horticulturist in Q2

March. April. May. Spring to nature enthusiasts; Q2 to the business-minded. Take inspiration from the newness in the air and watch your business initiatives bloom, when you infuse these nourishing tidbits into your marketing strategy.

Prune your digital content. Assuming you have a website, we suggest you revamp and update content, including copy, images and graphics. This keeps your site relevant and engaging among the targeted audience. Pro Tip: Include an outlet for current and potential customers to submit feedback and questions. Even plants communicate their needs, if we look closely.

Employ pest control. Even the most gifted gardeners wrestle pests from time to time. In business, pests are the roadblocks that get in the way of success – low-performing websites, spread-thin social media strategy, lack of analytics, etc. We suggest acknowledging these possibilities upfront and invite open-communication and proactive problem-solving to move forward and turn a roadblock into opportunity. 

Sow your seeds. Use the previous quarter as your guide to prepare for what’s ahead. We suggest you promote a few goals to leading priorities; and then maybe, if person-power allows, you assign a team member to each priority. Think of this exercise as the fertilizer to give priorities the nutrients they need to thrive.  

Talk to your plants. Research backs this wacky idea, so why not talk to the media about your business? Media relations, or public relations to some, is the ideal accomplice for digital marketing. Together, the mighty duo may boost your presence within the marketplace. We liken this idea to companion planting – planting different crops side-by-side to create a natural partnership.

For help with any of the above suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach out; but please keep in mind, we’re digital marketing and public relations experts, not master gardeners. Contact Niki at [email protected], or call 303-949-1876, to learn more.

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