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Twitter To Expand 140-Character Limit? We Hope Not!

Twitter to Expand 140-Character Limit? We Hope Not!

The internet is abuzz–is Twitter actually considering expanding its 140-character limit? With co-founder Jack Dorsey officially on board as CEO, we’re sure that some things are bound to be changing in the Twitter-verse.

twitter screenshotDorsey has made statements about improving Twitter’s user-friendliness and convincing people why it is a relevant platform. As he stated in a recent interview, “What should you expect from Twitter? To be as easy as looking out your window to see what’s happening. To show you what’s happening in the world [first], directly from the source.” But does this mean adding characters?

What Makes Twitter Special?

We admit that we hope not. Twitter is a fantastic tool that enables people and businesses to post quick, concise updates. Yes, it can be a pain to stick to those 140 characters, but haven’t we all been exhausted by a long update on Facebook or LinkedIn? Twitter has always been a great source for news, updates, and quick tips because it forces people to GET TO THE POINT!

Twitter is a great marketing tool for businesses because the short format means that frequent posts are not only acceptable, but encouraged. The fast-paced feed means that people expect to scan through several times a day–allowing business owners to stay in front of their customers in a very unique way (without being overbearing).

So we’re all for Dorsey figuring out a new and improved Twitter–but we’ll be happy if that doesn’t mean messing with the 140-character limit that has made Twitter what it is.

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