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Two Tips For a Better PR You

When we talk to our clients about PR, we try to be very honest. You can send out the best press release at what would seem like the best time and it still doesn’t get picked up. Unfortunately PR can sometimes come down to luck. But, this blog post isn’t going to be negative. NO! We are here to tell you that there are two things that you can and must do to help your release get noticed.

First, you really need to think about your story on a local scale but also on a large, national scale as well. Your story needs to speak to your neighbor but also needs to be relevant to a much larger audience. Any time that you think about putting together a pitch for the media you need to ask yourself: so what? Why would someone in your area care about what you are talking about and why would someone across the country care?

Second, you really should have someone else do the pitching for you. There is a certain level of professionalism that is achieved when you hire someone else to work on your PR. We speak from experience when we say that people in the media are far more likely to pick up your story, schedule an interview with you and spread the word about your company if they are working with a PR agency. We aren’t just saying this because we are a marketing and PR agency. If you are interested in really putting forward a PR presence, you need to have an experienced professional on the front lines.

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