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Unsubsribes Are Nothing To Fear

Last week we came across a great article about email marketing. One of the sections of the article talked about unsubscribes (or opt-outs as they are often called) and how we shouldn’t fear or feel sad about them. We totally agree.

When we help our clients do email marketing we find that people are concerned by the number of people who tend to opt out of their email communications. And often people will feel rejected. Kind of like your girlfriend decided to break up with you. We are here to tell you that it is a normal response. However, try not to worry too much.

You see, it is much better to have just a handful of people who WANT to receive your email communications than a bunch of people who aren’t even opening up your monthly e-newsletters. We often compare it to social media – it is not a contest to see how many people will like you on Facebook. It comes down to having a few loyal people who are likely to be an ambassador for you and your company. That is what really matters.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t pay attention to opt-outs. If too many people are opting out of your emails it could be that you are emailing too much or that you are sending out irrelevant information. Email communications is an art form – you need to keep up a consistent schedule with a nice blend of quality information.

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