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Using Hootsuite For Better Social Media Management

Using Hootsuite for Better Social Media Management

Both the beauty and pain of social media and our digital world are related to the feeling of constant connectedness. We aren’t ones to complain about technological advancements and the many amazing tools at our fingertips–as marketing experts, social media has definitely been mostly a blessing for us. But we also understand that the need to be constantly online and connected can be exhausting–and maybe not conducive to being a good parent, spouse, or friend. So it is great that there are also tools that allow us compartmentalize our online efforts from our “real-life” demands. Hootsuite, the social media management tool, has been particularly helpful in this regard.

hootsuite-2200x800Hootsuite isn’t the only option for social media management out there (see this earlier post we did on Hootsuite versus Tweetdeck), but we increasingly appreciate the versatility and comprehensiveness of Hootsuite, which is why we include a Hootsuite account with all of our service packages. Basically, Hootsuite allows you to schedule all of your social media posts from one platform. So instead of logging into Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn (and more–they now support over 35 social networks) every day to manage your posts, you can do it all from Hootsuite. It keeps you organized and greatly streamlines the posting process.

It is important to keep your social media posts consistent even during busy times, so Hootsuite can help even small businesses that don’t have a lot of bandwidth to devote to posting have a great social media presence. It also provides analytics for an easy snapshot of how well your specific posts are doing.

If you post for your business on more than one social media platform, we highly recommend using it! Hootsuite offers different levels, but for most of our clients, the Pro version is adequate, and you can always do the 30-day trial first if you want to check it out before committing. Contact Niki at to discuss any questions you have about using Hootsuite or about social media strategies more broadly.

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