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Video Marketing Becomes Next Form of Show and Tell

Video Marketing. It’s literally one of the most versatile and profitable forms of digital marketing there currently is. Chances are, you’re not exactly new to the phenomena either. Research reveals an estimated 85% of all Internet-users enthusiastically flock to platforms such as TikTok, YouTube and Facebook Live (to name a few) to watch video content, including dance videos with new music from top artists, hair tutorials using the latest products and home improvement techniques with brand name tools.

Here’s a list of other uses for video marketing.

Live video. Get in front of your customers, no matter their location and engage via questions and feedback. Real-time interaction is far more meaningful than video playback. 

Brand video. Bring your brand to life and give customers insight into your team, business and products or services. You can feature real employees, customers and notable advocates to tell the story of your brand and industry.

Backstage video. Showcase your brand’s personality and culture. Have fun with it, or keep it serious. How do you want viewers to feel when they encounter your business, products or services?

User-Generated video. Let your clients tell the story. Similar to a written testimonial, a video account of your business, product or service made by a “real person” can be all it takes to bolster sales.

If you’re considering new ways to get your brand in front of an expanded set of customers, or ways to further engage current patrons, video marketing might be exactly what you need. Sounds like a hefty lift? Focus Marketing & PR offers a one-time complimentary consultation to learn about your brand and understand your needs, and to see if we might be able to help.

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