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Wordsmithing A Match: Content Creation And Online Search Terms

Wordsmithing a Match: Content Creation and Online Search Terms

You’ve got a business to run. That’s why at Focus Marketing + PR, we make connecting your brand, product or service with your target audience (among the millions of other digital media users out there), (re)developing brand materials and working our Google-infused magic, our passion. Taking it all one step further, we’ll also handle content creation on your behalf. Let’s face it, not everyone gets a kick out of stringing words together.

We’re well versed on search engine optimization (say what?!) and have skillfully mastered the art of wordsmithing. Together, these two talents arrive at our uncanny ability to map together single words used in blogs, newsletters and other web-based content with alternative search terms people enter online when looking for a similar subject.Of course, systematic content creation isn’t done in a vacuum – it’s a partnership.

At Focus, we place tremendous value on input from you and yours – the official brand representatives. The more we’re schooled on yourbrand, product or service, the better equipped we are to draft relevant and meaningful content. Rest assured, we’llNEVER post, publish or send out materials without your approval first.

Leave the wordsmithing and word-mapping to Focus Marketing + PR. Connect with us today for a complimentary consultation and to learn how we can help your business with results-driven marketing support. Contact Focus’ Niki Lopez at 303-949-1876 or email

About Focus Marketing + PR

Focus Marketing + PR is an affordable, Colorado-based boutique marketing firm specializing in arming small and medium-sized businesses of any industry with tools to navigate the constantly changing digital world. Give us a call today to discuss your marketing and PR needs; we always offer free consultations. Contact Niki Lopez at 303-949-1876 or email

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