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Working on Your Branding? Some Things to Consider…

So, let’s say that you are thinking about doing some work on your brand. You are hoping to refresh how you present your company online and in printed materials. Well, before you get too deep into a new brand look, here are some things to consider.

  • Any new logo should be kept simple. You have to remember that you may want to potentially embroider your logo on a shirt or print it on a business card and small details will be challenging and potentially lost.
  • If you are getting a new website created for you, make sure that it can be easily maintained. You don’t want to end up with a website that you can’t make changes yourself. Try to get your site built in a program that anyone with access to your account can make updates.
  • Keep it simple when it comes to choosing your fonts and colors.
  • Be careful when using photography in your ads and on your site – it can end up being a very expensive way to fill up space.
  • Seriously consider using a tagline – especially if your company name doesn’t fully explain what you do.
  • Make sure that you integrate any changes across everything that you use to communicate – email templates, letterhead, print ads. It is always important to portray your brand consistently.

At the end of the day your brand needs to reflect the personality of your company but it ultimately needs to speak to your target audience. It may be worth your time to talk to your customers and find out what they like about your brand and see if they have any suggestions for changes.

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