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Your Personal Brand vs. Your Company Brand

Social media can be a great way to communicate regularly with your customers about your brand. You can share all kinds of ideas, updates, stories and more. Social media can be a way for you to use a “fun” voice to keep in touch with prospective customers and persuade them to use your product or service. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow for you to build a company page that is dedicated to your business.

What sometimes gets a bit fuzzy is that fact that all of these sites also allow you to create personal pages as well. For example, we have a Focus Marketing + PR page on Facebook but everyone who works at the company also has a personal page. It is important to understand that each page (your personal one and your company one) represents a different brand. You should approach each page in a different way.

This is particularly true when it comes to LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great site to promote your personal brand using social media. It is a professional way to outline your accomplishments, make business connections, contact people about your company and look for new job opportunities. A word or two of caution: There is a huge difference between inviting people to follow you on social media and inviting people to follow your business. Don’t confuse the two – you can certainly come across as unprofessional or that you are putting the needs of yourself above the image of your company.

It will be interesting to see how social media continues to evolve and how it is used to promote brands. It is such a new avenue and there can be some seriously tricky areas but it can also be an exciting way to communicate with others.

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