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Marketing Small Businesses – Anywhere, Everywhere

Marketing Small Businesses – Anywhere, Wherever You May Be! Focus Marketing and PR is based in Denver, but our amazing globalized world makes it easy for us to help small businesses located practically anywhere.

If you own a small business, you are probably kept plenty busy with all of those tasks that make up the actual work of your business. If you build houses, you want to focus on building the most beautiful, well-crafted houses you can. If you own a restaurant, you want to focus on serving delicious, satisfying meals to your customers.

Of course, to bring in new clients or customers, it’s not enough just to do a stellar job of meeting existing customers’ needs—you also need to get your name out there!  That’s where Focus comes in. We specialize in marketing small businesses anywhere! Don’t take time away from executing your work to your highest standards—remember, you are the expert in your field, so you should keep doing what you do best!—instead, hire Focus to take the marketing piece off of your plate and set up an effective online marketing campaign.

Whatever your marketing goals are, we can help you meet them. You don’t need unlimited funds to get found online.  We can discuss the right package for your business that will help you become searchable online in the most cost-effective way.  When you hand the reins over to us, we can come up with a powerful plan that covers blogs, newsletters, e-mails, and other materials in order to get a consistent message out about your business. Our specialty is marketing small businesses – anywhere and everywhere. And this is how we make it work.

As an official Google Partner, we understand the latest ideas behind Google search results and can manage your account extremely effectively.  Our constant attention to your campaign also means you get the frequent feedback you need to determine what measures are most effective in marketing your business. We have been able to fine tune our skills over the years – marketing small businesses effectively and cost efficiently!

So whether you are in Albany or in Anchorage, signing up for one of our marketing packages is a great step towards growing your business.  We will come up with a marketing strategy, keep a close eye on your online campaigns, and respond quickly by phone or e-mail anytime you need to talk something through.

Let us do what we do best -marketing small businesses anywhere. That way you can focus on what what you do best!  To set up a complimentary consultation, contact Niki at 303.949.1876 or

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