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Using Twitter to Promote Your Business: 3 Tips

As you may know, social media is a great tool for promoting your business. But where it gets tricky is that each social media platform has different target audiences and requires a slightly different approach. Using Twitter to promote your business means focusing on different things than if you are using Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram. using twitter to promote your business denver marketing and pr

If you have questions about which platform is best suited to your business, we’re happy to discuss that with you. For those of you who are already on Twitter or who are looking for additional guidance on how using Twitter to promote your business works, here are three essential considerations.

Three Tips for Using Twitter to Promote Your Business

  1. You want to both follow other people and businesses and have others follow you. Twitter has a “magical” formula they use that only allows you to follow a certain number of people based on the number of people following you. We have heard rumors that this equates to a 25/75 ratio. So, if you have about 500 people following you, this allows you to follow about 2,000 people. You have to work to get people to follow you!
  2. You should be Tweeting daily, at minimum. The news feed on Twitter moves very quickly, so effectively using Twitter to promote your business means staying on top of Tweets. Really, the more frequent the better, for the most part, if you want your followers to be guaranteed to see your message.
  3. Millennials are the biggest target audience for Twitter. Do some assessment of your target audience and see if you think Twitter is the right platform for reaching your customer. (As noted above, we’d be happy to speak to you about your target customer and the right social media platform as well).

If you want to talk about any of this or have other questions about using Twitter to promote your business, contact Niki at [email protected]. We’ll get you Tweeting like a pro in no time!


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