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Your Google Efforts May Need Some Tweaks

When it comes to your business and leveraging Google, we have mentioned a few times on our blog that we are firm believers in investing in online search. We did want to make one special note about the difference between investing funds in keywords and doing actual ads.

First of all, we think that it is important to do both – you want to make sure that you are putting money towards those specific keywords that make sense for your industry and your business but you should also use AdWords or AdWords Express to create ads for your business.

Here is the skinny: right now it is highly competitive when it comes to investing in keywords. You are potentially spending a lot of money on certain keywords that your competitors are also bidding on to get those high search results. We are seeing this with a lot of our clients. It is always disappointing to spend your daily budget amount on certain keywords and to only appear on page five or six in the search results.

But here is something that we will recommend that you may not get from every marketer. More businesses are spending money on keywords versus ads so you will tend to find less competition in the world of ads. Therefore we would recommend trying to put more of your online budget into ads and see what happens – you may be pleasantly surprised. Of course, don’t put all of those eggs into one basket – you need to keep some funds in keywords and you should also test the waters before totally jumping in. The great thing about online efforts is that you can play around with it as much as you want.

One more disclaimer. Investing in Google is meant to be part of your overall marketing strategy. No marketing strategy is complete without it but no marketing strategy can thrive on search alone.

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