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The BARS Program: Meet Our Newest Client

The BARS Program: Meet Our Newest Client

We are very excited to welcome Colorado company The BARS Program to the Focus fold. The BARS Program is a compliance training program that helps businesses with liquor licenses protect themselves from stings and ensure that their reputation and bottom line are not affected by poor compliance with age-restricted sales regulations.

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BARS Program customers, including King Soopers and Miller Coors, find the trademarked Green and Red Card System to be an invaluable tool in fighting the inappropriate sale of age-sensitive products. The BARS Program trains Checkers aged 21-25 to enter client stores or restaurants twice a month to purchase age-sensitive products such as alcohol and cigarettes. The Checker’s job is to see whether the employee asks for ID and properly uses the business’s age-verification device and point-of-sale system. If they do, they get a Green Card. If they don’t, they get a Red Card. This provides valuable information to business owners and management.

We love businesses that come up with innovative solutions to problems, and so we are especially excited to begin our online marketing work for the BARS Program. And if you’re a business that sells alcohol or cigarettes, we highly recommend checking them out.

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