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Compare and Contrast: WordPress vs. Squarespace

If you’ve learned anything from us here at Focus Marketing & PR, we hope among your learnings is that a stellar website is the winning force behind every successful business’ digital marketing presence. We’ve shared tips for the Google Analytics GA4 transition and in case you missed it, you can catch up here [link to blog about GA4 transition]. Perhaps one thing we haven’t discussed enough is the backbone to your website. So, in this edition of our marketing blog, we’re talking WordPress and Squarespace.

WordPress. Composed of advanced software pieces and parts, the content management system is best suited for handling heavy data that require maximum power and customization (think: beautiful designs, flashy themes, dynamic palettes and robust features). Another bonus is WordPress plays well with Google for SEO purposes (learn more about SEO); plus, if you’re in need of a virtual storefront or e-commerce site, it  has superb functionality. Positivity aside, we’d be foolish to not divulge WordPress’ weakness. So, here goes. The platform can be expensive to implement and requires a highly skilled developer to run program updates via code. You’ll also have to find a hosting provider; but then again, this gives way to a positive – more storage and scalability.

Squarespace. As a website builder, Squarespace encompasses all-in-one tools with everything you need to create a website, including designer templates that promise far-reaching visual appeal and hosting capabilities. Because you don’t have to know code, Squarespace is easy to maintain in-house, making it a cheaper option when compared to WordPress. You do get what you pay for. Squarespace doesn’t allow for heaps of customization; instead, you’ll have to settle for pre-programmed templates, and e-commerce interfaces aren’t given any favors. Same is true with Google compatibility. In the end, you end up doing more to support the website with traditional marketing tactics, including blogs, social media, Google Ads, etc. 

Two seemingly similar website backbone services and yet both have distinct features and restrictions. At Focus Marketing + PR, we’re partial to WordPress (if you hadn’t guessed it already) and for good reason. If you’re in the market for website creation expertise and/or routine support, or you’re looking to make the leap from Squarespace to WordPress, don’t go at it alone. We pride ourselves in our client-endorsed ability to offer website redesigns and new-builds to fit a variety of professional needs within a wide-array of budgets. Contact Focus Marketing & PR by dialing 303-949-1876, or sending an email to [email protected]

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