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Spring Cleaning is for Businesses, Too

Spring has sprung and it’s time to get things done! As cliché as it may sound, spring is the perfect time for a lil business refresh.

The theme is fairly straightforward – evaluate where you are, the progress you’ve made toward marketing tactics and business goals, and consider what (if any) changes you need to make. We’ve lined up a few examples to make the popular seasonal refresh work in your business’ favor.

  1. Consider your online presence. The ever-mighty Google is a good place to start. A simple search of your business displays how often you show up online (in the industry, we call this Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, for short); plus, you can review the state of your current website to determine if it needs a clean-up, too. You can even “stop and smell the roses” by taking inventory of the reviews people leave online about your business.
  2. Evaluate your social media strategy. Are you everywhere and anywhere with mediocre commentary, or have you successfully zeroed in on one or two platforms? If the latter, kudos to you. But before you celebrate, remember, to water the flowers for persistence is key as it builds a loyal following and boosts brand awareness.
  3. Align your tax strategy. If there’s a downside to spring, it’s Tax Day. Nonetheless, it’s an essential part of business-ownership. Make the best of the obligation by keeping adequate and accurate records, separate your business expenses from personal ones, manage payroll, and if all else fails, hire an accountant. 
  4. Celebrate your employees. This one is fairly easy. Honor the accomplishments and milestones of your employees, and maybe clients, too. Each contributes to your daily successes and overall business story; plus, these landmarks give you momentum to forge on. 

Spring brings with it a fresh start and new beginnings; take full-advantage. And for assistance with marketing-related activities – SEO, website essentials, social media presence and more – make Focus Marketing & PR your friendly spring gardener. You’ll find us at [email protected], or call 303-949-1876, to learn more.

About Focus Marketing & PR

Focus Marketing & PR is a Colorado-based boutique marketing firm specializing in arming small and medium-sized businesses of any industry with tools to navigate the constantly changing digital world. Give us a call today to discuss your marketing and PR needs; we always offer free consultations. Contact Focus Marketing & PR.

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