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Why Summer Can Be Hard

We love summer, right? Getting outside, taking trips, eating ice cream at the pools…It all sounds pretty great. And it is. Really it is. But, we have noticed that summertime can be hard for small business owners.

You see, for the first half of the year most small business owners are working hard. Q1 may have been a bit slow and for most (hopefully) Q2 has been busy. The urge to take a break and slow down during the summer is a natural one. We can totally relate. However, we are here to tell you that you can’t just totally disappear during the summer. It will hurt your year.

The momentum lost during the summer can be very hard to make up. A lot of our clients who take a break from business as usual have seen a negative impact on their numbers at year’s end.

Have no fear! You can have a great summer for your business (and eat your ice cream too). Here are some tips:

If you are going to take some time off this summer, make sure that you have coverage. Even if you have to hire someone temporarily it is better to have someone who can at least keep things rolling than have everything come to a halt.

Don’t just put marketing efforts on hold. If you turn off your Google campaigns, blogs, etc. it can impact your rankings for weeks to come. Google likes if you are still updating your website, spending funds on AdWords, etc. You should still invest time and money into your business during the summer.

Keep up with your communications to customers. Make sure that you are still sending out your newsletters during the summer. Even if that means writing them early and scheduling them to go out while you are gone that is better than just skipping them altogether.

Pay attention to the three big holidays – Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. For some, this is the time to push their product or service even though it may seem like the time to take a break. You need to understand who your customers are and if they would want to hear from you over the holidays!




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