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Yes, You Should Combine PR With Social Media.

If you are about to dive into a PR campaign, you may hear people tell you that you should try to incorporate social media with your efforts.  At first it may seem strange to combine these two somewhat unrelated tactics. Well, we have had tremendous success with leveraging social media in our PR campaigns and today we are going to tell you why and how you can do the same.

Typically when you send out a press release it is a blip on the screen – it goes out and you hope that it catches someone’s eye. You can do follow ups but sometimes you just have to wait and pitch another story at another time. Enter social media. Nowadays when you send out a press release you have more power to leverage. You can use social media and internet channels to expand the reach of your campaign and increase the length of the overall promotion.

Something else to consider when putting together a social media strategy as part of your PR campaign is building anticipation. You can actually use your Facebook and Twitter accounts to spread the word that you are going to be sharing a special story about your company soon. This will increase the chance that people will notice your release when it comes out.

Now if you are going to use your social media accounts to build anticipation, share your stories and get some recognition, you need to build up your friends and followers! Make sure that you put some time into building up your network before you begin an aggressive campaign. It could really make all of the difference.

If you think that leveraging your social media will make a bigger splash with your PR efforts, think what would happen if others were using their social media power to help you! That is why we recommend that you hire a PR company that includes social media as part of their own PR efforts, both in pitching and in promoting you as their client.

Coming up next week we are going to be talking about a warm holiday giveaway.

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