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How Customer Reviews Accelerate Your Business

In case it’s not already obvious, Google is much more than a search engine powerhouse; it’s also a virtual feedback forum. When you sign up for Google Reviews, you’ll obtain valuable information about your business from current and prospective customers…for better or worse.

Some small businesses fear the virtual feedback forum; they’re afraid of negative reviews. While this is understandable, having zero Google reviews can greatly affect your search engine optimization results – the online visibility of your website. We’re going to let you in on a not-so-secret secret: Google likes it when you use their stuff. That’s right. When you embrace all-things Google, the powerhouse will love you back and bestow onto you and your business higher search rankings.

As for negative feedback posted to Google Reviews, it isn’t always such a horrible thing. If all reviews were five-stars and glowing, suspicion could take over among new clients. It’s about how you handle any negativity that really matters. As the owner of your website, you can readily respond to any and all reviews in a public manner. It’s your response that will override any adverse commentary and you can show people you’re willing to go the extra step to make things right.

With Google Reviews, you might even learn something about your business. Is there is a website glitch you don’t know about, could phone calls be answered in a timelier manner? Maybe you’re doing all the rights things, such as timely follow-ups, knowledgeable sales people, superb customer service, etc. Feedback like this provides validation of all things, good and bad.

If you’re considering the deployment of Google Reviews alongside your current digital marketing strategy, contact us today! We’ll get you set up and positioned to readily respond to virtual feedback.

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