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How Social Media Can Transform Your Budget and Reach

At Focus Marketing + PR, we’re often asked if incorporating a budget line item devoted to the allocation of funds for the purposes of social media advertising/marketing is a necessity. In a word, yes.

In this modern era, where technology reigns supreme, designated spend for social media advertising is an essential element to conducting profitable business practices. When your brand or business’s target market is acutely defined, advertising via social media can make all the difference.

Don’t under estimate the cost of social media advertising. It can be pricey, especially when you compare Facebook to Google. At Focus, we’ll most always recommend Google over competing social media outlets, any day of the week. The deployment of Google AdWords alongside other social media platform is always a good idea. The Internet giant prefers you’re using additional social media outlets anyway – whether it’s simply blog posts or digital advertising. The more traffic you’re directing to your site from social media outlets, the better your rankings. Moral of the story: Social media stuff and Google play well together.

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