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“Life in Balance” During the Holiday Hustle

Hang on tight! The holidays are fast-approaching. If you’re like us, this time of year is filled with joy and merriment, but stress and chaos, too. Continue reading for subtle, yet effective, “life in balance” suggestions for enjoying the holidays, business and your personal life, too.

  1. Be Present. The holiday season is truly a special time of year. So, whether it’s a festive bash, business meeting or family celebration, remember to be “in the moment.” Everything else can wait. Afterall, those things will still be there after the “moment” has passed – we promise.
  2. Plan Ahead. The “holiday hustle” – where Halloween and New Year’s collide – comes around each year, and yet we remain shocked by the bustle of activity and commitment each week brings. So, instead of feeling overwhelmed, get to planning ahead for what you can predict. Identify what needs to be done and how, and then get to work. Once complete, you can allow yourself a restful holiday season.
  3. Embrace Gratitude. The holiday season is apropos for expressing thanks of many kinds. One might reserve gifts for friends and family, but our teams and colleagues justly deserve tokens of appreciation, too. Consider hosting a team-building event to foster relationships and inspire renewed teamwork and collaboration. 
  4. Self-care. Caring for one’s self is important, no matter the type of relationship you’re in – be it family or professional. When you take time for yourself, you’ll reduce stress and restore depleted energy, allowing you to maintain peak performance. Making time for you comes in many forms: exercise, meditation, giving (and extending) grace.

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