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Now Adding To Our Client Roster

There are all kinds of businesses out there – gigantic multi-national corporations, collaborative partnerships, proven franchises…descriptions and qualifications aplenty. Here at Focus Marketing + PR, while these “big guys” create the backdrop of the economic world in which we live, we’re most passionate about small- to mid-sized businesses, no matter the industry.

If your business’ credentials fall within the dimensions of small to medium, you have an unwavering thirst for non-traditional marketing strategies and you embrace the ever-present power of the World Wide Web, you just might be an ideal Focus Marketing + PR client.

Client Qualifications

  1. You want to propel your business’ goals and objectives into short- and long-term success using Internet-based techniques, such as blogs, newsletters, emails, social media content, etc.
  2. You’re eager about client engagement and want to maintain steady correspondence among current and prospective clients and industry partners to strengthen brand awareness and recognition.
  3. You believe in a collaborative approach to achieving significant return on the investment you make in your brand.
  4. You believe in efficiency. We’re experts in our field, and you in yours. By offloading market research, advertising, segmentation, strategy and execution of tactics onto us, together we’ll maximize productivity and achieve higher gains. 
  1. You understand expertise doesn’t come free of charge. You get what you pay for and when you partner with Focus, you’ll reap the rewards of a robust and cohesive marketing campaign.

If this rough sketch of client qualifications mirrors what you’re looking for in a marketing and/or public relations firm, let’s talk. We always offer complimentary consultations to learn about your needs.

About Focus Marketing + PR

Focus Marketing + PR is an affordable, Colorado-based boutique marketing firm specializing in arming small and medium-sized businesses of any industry with tools to navigate the constantly changing digital world. Give us a call today to discuss your marketing and PR needs; we always offer free consultations. Contact Focus Marketing + PR.

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