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Spending Money With Google? Don’t Forget One Thing.

This week we were discussing Google. More specifically we were talking about how we love helping our clients achieve success using Google to promote their business. The only downside for some small business owners is that it works. (I know, I know. That sounds crazy. But let me explain.)

When small business owners have tapped all of their available options for getting new customers, they will often take the “Google plunge” by putting some dollars towards paid search options. What they don’t always believe is that it will work! And sometimes it works REALLY fast!

What we have found sometimes is that small business owners will begin a Google campaign and they won’t be ready to take the extra business. (Basically they aren’t able to answer the phone promptly when new customers come calling.) This is the worst thing that you can do for your company!

If you are spending money to help your search result status you need to realize that people are going to reach out to you and expect to hear from you. If they don’t, there are most likely other companies in the search results that will answer the phone. (Your competition.)

So, a piece of advice for you: Hire salespeople, hire someone to answer your phone, do what it takes BEFORE your jump into a new Google campaign!

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