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Guest Blogging

Blogging for Better Business

If you have worked to build a polished, professional website for your business, you might think your work is done.  And sure, your website might be well optimized and provide great information about your business.  But don’t stop there!  Regular blogging can multiply your presence in search results and is therefore crucial in building a better business.

The reason for this is that every blog post acts like a discrete web page that is equally searchable by search engines.  Each blog post can be optimized to take advantage of this and to drive traffic to your site.  As we have said before, you definitely want to avoid just using “filler” content on your website.  But blog posts are a great opportunity to talk about all of the intricate details of your business (ones that wouldn’t necessarily be appropriate to put on the home page).

Address Customer Questions through Blogging

For instance, blogs can help build you a better business by addressing key questions that customers might have (like, ahem, why blogging is good for business). Or by giving a detailed glimpse into all of your service offerings.  If your home page says you provide fencing services, blogging about each type of fence you offer–vinyl, iron, wood, etc.–will allow customers who are searching for those particular products to find you much more easily.  Think about keywords that customers might be searching for, related to your business, and then blog about those topics (we will talk more about this approach in an upcoming post).

Consider Guest Blogging

Blogging also allows you to enter into conversation with other people in your industry.  You can post these blogs on your own site, or you can try to collaborate with other sites to offer guest blogging on your area of expertise.  This is a great way to get a whole new audience of people who might click on the link to your site after being impressed by your words of wisdom.

Next week, we will discuss how photos can boost your blogging efforts.  Stay tuned!  And, as always, contact Niki ( if you have any questions or want an expert hand in getting your marketing efforts (including blogging) started.

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