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At Focus Marketing + PR, we help our clients achieve their goals through a variety of marketing and PR strategies, but we have experienced some of our greatest successes by using internet marketing. Our blog focuses on how small-to-medium sized businesses can use internet marketing. We hope that you find our topics and discussions helpful. If there are any specific topics that you are dying to know more about, we would love to hear from you!

New Client: The Orchard Town Center

It’s such a pleasure to welcome The Orchard Town Center as our newest PR client at Focus. We get the honor…

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What is Dark Social Traffic?

There is a new concept rolling around social media circles these days called “dark social traffic”. Sure, it sounds ominous, but…

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guest blogging

Focus 5: How to be Successful with Online Marketing

It's been a while since we dropped a Focus 5 on you, but this is an important one. We're sharing tips…

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A Domain of One’s Own

When we work with new clients, we have a list of recommendations for business websites and one of the most important…

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1% is Marketing Gold

“What’s a good response rate for our marketing?” We hear this question a lot and the answer is complicated. Every business…

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With Social Media, It’s Best to Narrow Your Focus

Social Media can be tough terrain to navigate. There’s a lot of different directions to go in, but that doesn’t mean…

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blogging on linkedin

Why You Should be Blogging on LinkedIn

Blogging is an excellent way to reach potential customers, build your brand, and improve your SEO. If you're already blogging, way…

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google plus

Why Your Business Should Be on Google Plus

A few years ago, Google launched its own social media platform: Google Plus (also known as Google+). Though it doesn't have…

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Building a Brand: Choosing and Using Brand Colors

Building a brand isn't something that happens overnight. And it's not some magical process that will only happen if you have Coke's…

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When’s the Best Time to Post on Social Media?

Wondering when your social media posts will be most likely to grab people's attention? We have a few best practices to…

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Modernizing Your Website: How Often Should You Update?

Sometimes we have to tell people things they don't want to hear... Here's a big one: That lovely website you shelled…

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Snapchat Ads: Should You Be Advertising on Snapchat?

With every hot new social media platform, we get new questions from clients about whether there are good advertising opportunities associated…

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